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Valentine’s Day – Spa Day Treat!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we know what that means. Red rose sales will sky rocket and the masses will rush to buy heart shaped chocolates and electronic plush teddy bears that whisper “I love you” (Batteries not included) And another year is spent fighting for dinner reservations while hunting for the perfect, generic hallmark card. Then of course like every year, we sit staring at the teddy bear on our desk, which is honestly starting to creep us out a bit, and the nice card we’ve pinned to our bulletin board and we wonder… when is it ok for me to throw this stuff out? Because at the end of the day that’s what it is, more stuff!

This year treat the people you love with an experience they will remember! And honestly, while you’re at it, treat yourself too. 2017 was rough. Want to make your partner feel like a literal queen?! Take her to the spa and let her relax all day in a fluffy robe while she drinks champagne and tries to forget that weird bear you got her last year. And don’t forget about the man in your life either! Plus, not only can you treat your partner, but you can share the day together with a romantic couples massage. Or if you want to go all out, you can spend the entire day together in a love bubble of relaxation making heart eyes at each other with a couples spa day package!

Can’t be with your honey on Valentine’s this year? Say no more. You can order a Gift Card online and send it to your sweety. Its super simple and your partner will thank you! And if your partner is a sucker for a wrapped gift, Dtox Day Spa offers a ton of amazing organic beauty products that will last long after the red roses and chocolate are gone. So this year show your love with a head to toe pampering experience that your partner won’t soon forget. Don’t let this year be another boring and expected Valentine’s Day. Break the monotony with Dtox Day Spa!

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