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What does a Sports Massage Cost at Dtox Day Spa?

50 min - $150

80 min - $200

Tailored to meet the needs of athletes. Our Sports Massage is essential for optimal performance and/or recovery. (moderate to deep pressure/stretching)

Sports Massage for Sports Injuries

Suffering an injury from sport is inevitable for professionals and amateurs alike. Whatever your chosen sport, be it football, golf, tennis, cricket or running, you will undoubtedly pick up the odd niggling injury or something more serious. Los Angeles sports massage has become an important element not only for sports training and competition, but also for the prevention and treatment of sporting injuries.

When is a Sports Massage is needed?

Many sporting injuries are a result of a sprain or strain. A sprain affects the ligaments (the bands of elastic tissue that hold joints together and limit movement) and a strain affects the muscles. A common sports injury treated with sports massage is a sprained ankle. When the ankle turns inward and under the leg, the outside ligaments are damaged (over stretching or tearing). The injury will require first-aid to begin with followed by rehabilitation and strengthening. During rehabilitation, sports massage can be employed and the sports massage therapist will use a method called ‘friction massage’. This method reduces the development of scar tissue or breaks down any built up scar tissue that has already developed.

Sports Massage for Plantar Fasciitis’

Runners, dancers or anyone involved with sports that require jumping will be aware of a sports injury known as ‘plantar fasciitis’. This injury is an inflammation of the tendon that runs over the arch of the foot (which can sometimes rupture). Symptoms of the injury include pain under the inside of the heel or around the outside border. Stretching the plantar fascia tendon is an important part of rehabilitation and strengthening. Our Los Angeles Sports massage reduces tension in the tendon by applying deep pressure stroking movements to stretch out the fibres.

Sports Massage in Los Angeles

These are just a few of the sports injuries that a sports massage therapist can help you with. Sports massage should play an important part in your regime whether you are suffering with an injury or not. A trained sports massage therapist can also educate you on stretching exercises and footwear to help keep your body in good condition before, during and after physical activity.

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