Skin Renewal Wrap
An exclusive blend of organic hemp oil and shea and mango butters restore moisture and a silky smooth finish to dry, tired skin. Includes dry brushing, foot massage-scrub and warm oil scalp treatment.

50 minute treatment $100


Soothing Skin Body Wrap
Rich, tropical tamanu and coconut oils soothe, soften and hydrate skin. A great relief to those with skin ailments such as eczema or psoriasis. Includes dry brushing, foot massage-scrub and warm oil scalp treatment.

50 minute treatment $100



Slim & Bare It Body Treatment
This miracle bioslimming body wrap concentrates on specific problem areas to ‘slim and tone’. Reduce the appearance of cellulite and water retention while removing toxins and improving circulation. Great for when you want to look your best for that special event!
*For maximum results, a series of 5-10 treatments over 6-8 weeks is recommended*

50 minute treatment $160



Organic Sea Salt Scrub
Exfoliate, invigorate and re-balance your skin with this pure crystalline salt. Sourced from the Himalayas, it contains more than 70 beneficial trace minerals.

20 minute treatment $70




Ionic Dtox Footbath
Ionic dtox footbaths work by sending a small current that goes in a circuit through the body to generate positively charged ions. The high concentration of the ion field attaches to the negatively charged toxins neutralizing them, and the body is then able to discard them allowing you to experience the correct acid-alkaline ph balance as nature intended. A painless 20 minute foot soak during which you will relax in a quiet alcove, the Ionic Dtox Footbath can assist in the following areas:

1) enhancing the immune system
2) assist in recovery time from injuries and surgery
3) can relieve pain and joint stiffness due to arthritis
4) improve sleep pattern
5) remove heavy metals
6) removes blood clot material
7) improve liver and kidney function

An important part of using this system is to make sure you are properly hydrated. Drinking plenty of good water (not distilled) before and during the session is very important as well as the use of colloidal minerals and electrolytes to ensures better conductivity. After only one use you may experience renewed energy and vitality. However, we recommend a series of treatments for best detoxing results.

*Available only at Los Feliz Location*
individual treatment $60
series of 5 treatments $255


Herbal Tub Soak
Luxuriate in your own private candlelit suite while relaxing in a therapeutic tub soak. Enjoyed in conjunction with other treatments in our Spa Packages, the Organic Herbal Tub Soak is an aromatic bath that blends organic herbs with epsom salts to increase the body’s level of magnesium and sulfates to the bloodstream through the skin. A relaxing way of helping the body unwind, tub soaks are 20 minutes in duration and include a complimentary tea service.