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Scrub and Wrap Review

During the fall and winter months, humidity levels often drop, leaving the air dry, and your skin dryer. With colder months settling in, we turn up our heaters and seek refuge in a nice hot shower which can wreak havoc on your skin! We find ourselves layering up with sweaters and scarfs, so why not take the same care with our skin?

I try my best to offset the weather change by moisturizing daily, but no matter how many thick body lotions and creams I put on, I was still stuck with stubborn dry spots on my elbows and back. I realized what I was missing was a good exfoliation. So I booked myself in for the Salt Scrub and Renewing Body Wrap at Dtox Day Spa. Spoiler alert, I have never felt so soft in my life. The Salt Scrub and Renewing Body Wrap are two different treatments, but I would recommend getting them together. You will walk out feeling like a cloud, like a silk cloud, like a silk cloud wrapped in cashmere dipped in honey.

The salt scrub lasts about twenty minutes. But this isn’t your mother’s table salt. At Dtox they use pure crystalline salt sourced from the Himalayas which is packed with beneficial trace minerals. The salt is then mixed with a warm oil and rubbed all over your body, buffing off dead dry skin. In between my two services I used the stellar spa facilities to gently wash off the remaining salt crystals before beginning my wrap. Stepping out of the shower, I couldn’t believe the immediate difference I already felt in my skin.

Back with my massage therapist, she used a dry brush to remove extra salt and dead skin. Dry brushing not only helps exfoliate, it also detoxifies by increasing blood flow and promoting lymphatic drainage! She then began lathering me up with a mix of warm organic hemp oil, shai ad mango butters, something else, which all smelled amazing. Hemp oil is a double threat. Packed with proteins and essential fatty acids it fights signs of aging and promotes cardiovascular health. And don’t worry, if you’re a bit shy like me, Dtox uses the draping system. This means you’re covered up at all times, and they undrape and treat your body in sections. So you never feel exposed. Once I was sufficiently slathered, she wrapped me up like a little caterpillar, placing warm packs all over me and wrapping my feet in hot towels. It was heavenly.

When I say the Renewal Body Wrap is head to toe moisture, it is literally head to tippy toe moisture! While my feet were pleasantly swaddled like two babies in oils and hot towels, she started in with the oil scalp massage. They use a mix of warm essential oils which they gently apply to your scalp and hair. I would suggest getting your hair wet first! Then they go to town on an amazing head massage. She started at my temples, moving back across my scalp to different pressure points until she reached the base of my neck, which is where I carry a lot of tension. At a certain point I was so relaxed, I may have drifted off. It was that good. You can wash the oil out after or forgo it all together but why would you?! I kept mine in for the wrest of the day and even slept with it in. After washing it out the next morning, my hair was left feeling silky and shiny.

When it was time to finish up, she unwrapped me, revealing my soft and renewed skin. I can’t recommend the salt scrub and renewal wrap enough. The salt scrub removed my tired and dull dead skin and the wrap deeply moisturized the layer beneath. A week later, and I am still feeling the results.

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