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What does a Postnatal Massage or Prenatal Massage Cost at Dtox Day Spa?

50 min - $140

80 min - $190

Prenatal massage

Pregnant moms have higher chances of distress, anxiety, muscle aches and strain that are mainly caused by the changes the body goes through as it prepares for birth. They -more than anyone else -need special regular massages that will go a long way in ensuring that they remain healthy and relaxed during the entire pregnancy period.

For a quality experience, pregnant moms should go to experienced and specifically trained prenatal massage therapists for increased safety.


Prenatal massage comes with the following benefits:

  1. Reduced signs of depression
  2. Reduced anxiety
  3. Improved labor results
  4. Reduced muscle and joint pains.
  5. Increased circulation of blood
  6. Reduced headaches and tension in the muscles.


What does Prenatal Massage involve?

A prenatal massage involves application of mild pressure to the muscles of the pregnant woman as she lies on her side. The most common prenatal massage is known as the Swedish massage.


When should I start the Prenatal Massage?

We conduct prenatal massage during all phases of the pregnancy, however, due to the increased chances of miscarriage during the first trimester, we advice women to begin the massage at the second trimester.


Why Postnatal massage?

The process of child birth causes immense strain on the body of a new mom. A postnatal massage is the best way to handle both physical and emotional trauma. This massage is recommended for the first 40 days for mothers who had a normal delivery. For those who went through cesarean this massage should not be conducted until the wounds are fully healed.


How is a Postnatal Massage performed?

Two major massages are effective for new moms; the Swedish massage and the Jamu massage. Jamu massage involves the use of a volcanic stone to compress the muscles while the Swedish massage involves long body strokes. The massage begins with your feet and moves gently upwards and ends with the head.


Benefits of Postnatal Massage

The postnatal massage comes with the following benefits;

  1. Increases the flow of blood to the muscles
  2. Relieve sore spots and muscle tension
  3. Allows the body to release endorphin’s for relaxation.
  4. Speeds up the process of healing.

Prenatal and postnatal massages are necessary for the general health and well being of both the mom and the new born.


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