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Massage Services in Los Angeles

Whether you are seasoned in massages, new to massages, an athlete, or even expecting, Dtox Day Spa offers so many different massages that you are bound to find one that is catered to your needs.

One of my personal favorites is the Hot Stone Massage. I opt for the eighty minute, but you can also do fifty minute if you’re short on time. The massage therapist starts with warm oil and light pressure with their hands and then incorporate hot round stones. The stones are so smooth you don’t know where your massage therapist stops and the stones begin! The hot stones are great for promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage. If you’re looking for relaxation the hot stone massage is definitely a top pick. Stress melts away beneath the hot stones.

If you’re looking for deeper pressure, Dtox has you covered. They offer a wonderful deep tissue massage that helps to relieve deeply held patterns of stress and tension. Deep tissue is especially great for those stubborn sore spots that plague your every day. The massage therapists are exceptionally trained and hone in on spots where you hold the most tension. Eighty minutes with one of Dtox’s massage therapists will leaving you feeling completely renewed.

Now if the hot stone massage pressure is too light, and the deep tissue massage pressure is too heavy, the Dtox Custome Massage is just right! The custom massage is a Swedish massage Dtox offers at twenty-five, fifty, and eighty minute sessions. This is a light to moderate pressure massage that is tailored to your needs. Dtox’s massage therapists will talk to you about your needs, and focus on your specific problem areas. This is a great massage for first timers, as you can figure out what pressure is best for you!

A must for any athlete is the sports massage. This massage is catered to athletes and is super helpful in the recovery process. Just did a triathlon? Do you have a big game coming up? This one is for you. The massage incorporates moderate to deep pressure as well as stretching which is key to recovery. The sports massage not only helps with the recovery process but also primes and prepares your body for physical activity with a healthy stretch.

If you’re short on time, Dtox makes it easy to treat yourself with the twenty-five minute head, neck, and shoulder massage. This massage focuses on your upper body and is great for people who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or computer. Have a stubborn spot in your neck that for the life of you, you can’t get rid of? This is the massage for you. And at twenty five minutes, you can literally schedule one during your lunch break! They also offer it in a fifty minute so don’t be shy!

Dtox also offers massages catered to women who are expecting as well as new mothers. The Prenatal and Postnatal massages are designed to comfort expecting and new mothers by alleviating muscle strain, encouraging lymphatic drainage and reducing fluid retention. Expecting mothers can schedule a prenatal massage as early as your second trimester and postnatal as soon as 6 weeks after childbirth. And what better way to treat expecting and new mommies than with a massage?

And last but definitely not least, the signature experience massage. This is head to toe pampering. The signature experience is eighty minutes and includes a custom massage, oil scalp massage and foot scrub. This is my go to when treating my friends and family. It is the perfect gift. The signature experience starts with a great massage and is followed by an exfoliating salt scrub for you feet and finished with a oil scalp massage. Your massage therapist works essential oils through your scalp, focusing on pressure points, allowing your whole body to relax. You can keep the oil in your hair as long as you like, and be guaranteed that when you wash it out your hair will be silky and shiny.

So whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, an expecting mother or an ironman trainee,  Dtox Day Spa has a massage made for you!

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