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Massage Los Angeles

Indulge yourself with one of our relaxing massages!  Voted one of the best day spa massages in Los Angeles. From a moderate pressure massage to deep pressure and stretching massages your sure to find a service that suits you from our top rated Day Spa in Los Angeles.

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*Series discounts are available for 50 min & 80 min treatments.

Dtox Custom Swedish Massage

25 min - $65.00

50 min - $110.00

80 min - $160.00

Designed to individually tailor your massage with dedication to the areas that need more attention and pressure. Incorporates multiple modalities to achieve optimal results. (moderate pressure). Learn more about Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

50 min - $120.00

80 min - $170.00

The firmest pressure of our massages. Our Deep Tissue Massage is designed to reach the deep portions of thick muscles. Intended to release tension, toxins and deeply held patterns created from overuse and stress. (moderate to heavy pressure)

Hot Stone Massage

50 min - $130

80 min - $170

Enjoy deep relaxation as your hot stone massage therapist glides heated stones over your body, relaxing muscles, releasing toxins, and increasing circulation and lymphatic flow. Great for the stressed out or hard-to-relax individual. (light to moderate pressure)

Sports Massage

50 min - $120

80 min - $170

Tailored to meet the needs of athletes. Our Sports Massage is essential for optimal performance and/or recovery. (moderate to deep pressure/stretching)

Head-Neck-Shoulders Massage

25 min - $65

50 min - $110

A focused massage designed to relieve tension in the upper body. the perfect stress reliever for computer users, those who suffer from headaches or carry stress in the neck & back. (moderate pressure)

Signature Experience Massage

1 hr 20 min - $175.00

Our most popular custom massage enhanced with hot stones and an aromatherapy blend. Includes a sea salt butter foot scrub and warm oil scalp treatment to provide true head-to-toe relaxation. (moderate pressure)

Prenatal & Postnatal Massage

50 min - $110

80 min - $160

Find relief with our Prental Massage & Postnatal Massage. Designed to comfort by alleviating muscle strain, reduce fluid retention, and encourage lymphatic drainage.

Herbal Tub Soak

$65 with massage

$85 à la carte

Please call or email us to book the Herbal Tub Soak.