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Hot Stone Massage

50 min - $155

80 min - $195

(Light to Moderate Pressure) The heat from warm basalt stones will penetrate deeply into the body to help loosen and soothe tight muscles. This massage will place you in a deep state of relaxation. Great for the stressed-out or hard-to-relax individual.

Hot & Cold Stone Massage

80 min - $195

This massage will soothe tired and stressed muscles with an invigorating alternation of hot & cold stones. The heat from warm basalt stones penetrates deeply to help loosen and soothe tight muscles. The cool marble stones are used to reduce inflammation; creating a balanced and rejuvenating service.

One of the types of massage that has been gaining popularity nowadays is hot stone massage. This is a kind of natural therapy in which warmed stones are placed on different parts of the body. The hot stones used in this kind of massage are usually smooth-surfaced rocks. This kind of massage is beneficial both physically and psychologically. If you are looking to try hot stone massage in Los Angeles. Dtox Day Spa offers this kind of service. The Los Angeles hot stone massage service that we offer can be customized to your own liking. Hot stones can be added to a 50, 80 or 110 minute massage session for an additional fee. Depending on how much relief from pain you want, this kind of massage can be adjusted accordingly. One thing that separates hot stone massage from other kinds of massage is the fact that it can ease muscle tension without exerting any deep pressure.

History of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones have been used for healing and improving the function of internal organs for more than 2,000 years in several countries including China, North and South America, Europe, Africa and India. Mary Nelson made hot stone massage therapy popular again in the Western World in 1993 with LaStone Therapy.

Experience a Hot Stone Massage at dtox day spa

Many of us are familiar only with the regular kind of therapeutic massage. If you want to try a new way of rejuvenating your body, why not try hot stone massage offered by dtox Day Spa Massage? The hot stones that we use are warmed to 125 degrees. We have Certified Hot Stone Licensed Massage Therapists that are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to this kind of massage. When you call us to schedule a Los Angeles hot stone massage service, our therapists will gladly discuss with you first the benefits and precautions of the massage. This way, you have a clear set of expectations after the session.

Effective And Relaxing Hot Stone Massage

We are committed to making sure that all our client’s expectations are met every time they leave our premises. Trust our licensed Los Feliz Hot Stone massage therapists to have the full understanding of how to relieve your body from all the tension and stress. Don’t think twice about trying out our services. Give us a call any time you want to relax courtesy of our hot stone massage service in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.

Video of Hot Stone Massage

*not performed at Dtox Day Spa. Demonstration only

Is a Hot Stone Massage Safe for Everyone?

Although a Hot Stone massage is safe for many people, it may not be suitable for some people.  Persons who take medication that thins the blood, have heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure shouldn’t get a hot stone massage.  You should also consult our Los Angeles Hot Stone massage therapist if you are suffering from a skin condition such as sunburn or if you are pregnant or if you have any other ailments that your massage therapist should be aware of.

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