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Facial Review

I have a pretty solid skin routine that I stick to and I avoid the skin cardinal sins I.E. falling asleep with my make up, not drinking enough water, etc. But my face needed some extra love and attention to really get that glow, so I decided to take my face to the professionals.

Dtox’s Custom Facial is just that, Custom. When I met with my esthetician she gave me a consultation and asked me about my daily skin routine. She took the time to get to know my skin before treating it. After inspecting my skin she customized my facial with a vitamin C booster serum to help brighten and protect. Vitamin C can help protect skin from free radicals and prevent signs of aging, while also brightening and evening out the skin tone. Pro tip: You can book a custom facial with Dtox and then upgrade it to any other facial once you get there and speak with your  esthetician. They have a lot of options for all different skin types including microdermabrasion, vitamin C facials, anti aging facials, Hydrafacials, organic facials, acne facials, and even facials geared towards teen skin.

I came in with a full face of make up but it was no problem! She cleansed my skin with a Clarisonic brush, gently exfoliating the dead skin while cleaning the dirt and makeup off. I was in a bit of a rush and didn’t have time to get to my appointment early but I would suggest coming in early if you can. They have a steam room that is great to sit in and open up your pores before your facial.

Once my skin was clean and ready she applied a soothing enzyme clay mask with a vitamin c booster serum to my face and décolletage. She then put warm steam over my face and gave me a neck massage while the mask worked its magic. Once finished, she began with extractions on my face. The extractions are gentle and are your best option to clear stubborn and congested skin. If you want to skip the extractions you can opt for Dtox’s soothing facial.

After she cleared out my pores she applied a time released glycol treatment; which continued to work long after the facial was over. Glycolic acid is wonderful for the face and treats a lot of  different problems. It helps exfoliate which is going to give you brighter, younger looking skin while tackling black heads and uneven texture. She then covered this with a soothing cool mask.

I was pleasantly surprised when she began massaging my arms and neck with warm oil. During a Dtox facial there is never a moment where you are not getting pampered. She worked on one arm and incorporated hot stones. If you have never had a hot stone massage, book one, like yesterday. Dtox was recognized by Los Angeles Magazine for it’s hot stone massages and I cannot recommend it enough. The hot stone massage is light to moderate pressure and will turn you into a puddle of relaxation. She rested a hot stone behind one shoulder and moved on to
my other arm, massaging my neck arms and hands.

Finishing up she slathered me in a luxurious moisturizer, put a fresh peppermint balm on my lips, and topped it off with Dermaquest zinc oxide SPF 30, which they sell at the spa. Zinc Oxide protects the skin fro UVA as well as UVB and is nontoxic. She then took the time with me to suggest a few products to add to my regime in order to get my best skin. They suggest getting a facial every four to six weeks, and with their series they make it really easy. I bought a pack of ten facials to cover me for the year and got 15% off. They don’t expire, and I get 10% off all of their products while I have my series. So I grabbed myself some zinc spf and was on my way!

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