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CBD Oil Massage Los Angeles

If you haven’t heard about CBD oil, there is a good chance you’ve been living under a rock. CBD oils is a pain treatment that can be ingested and applied topically, that is rising quickly in popularity among people with chronic pain. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is a non-psychoactive compound in Marijuana. Marijuana has long been used in the medical field to help cancer patients, people with pain, anxiety and appetite loss, to name a few. CBD has a lot of similar benefits but because it has zero THC in it, you won’t feel any of the psychoactive properties of Marijuana, i.e. CBD isn’t going get you high and has no risk of dependence.

When ingested, CBD has a long list of benefits including reducing the risk of cancer and diabetes, reducing the risk of seizures and aiding in anxiety management. But it has a ton of benefits when used topically as well. CBD is known best for it’s pain relieving powers. It can treat anything from chronic everyday pain, cancer pain, arthritis pain, and even pain caused by fibromyalgia. That’s what makes it so perfect for massages. By infusing it into massage oils, and massaging a liberal amount into the skin, it can be worked into sore muscles and joints, immediately treating the affected area to alleviate pain.

Because CBD is an anti-inflammatory, it not only treats pain but can also treat your skin. It not only treats the symptoms of acne like redness and inflammation it also helps to treat the cause of acne. Research has shown that CBD helps to prevent the production of sebocytes, the cells that make up the glands in your face the produce oil.

Dtox Day Spa offers a custom CBD oil massage at fifty or eighty minutes. This massage combines moderate to deep pressure with CBD oil to target and immediately treat muscle tension, pain and inflammation in the joints, as well as certain skin conditions. CBD is a safe and effective way to reduce pain naturally and it’s always best to consult your doctor if you have questions about whether CBD oil is right for you.

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