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Acne Facial and Care

Lets talk acne. Long gone are the days of awkward school dances and terrible class pictures, and yet the breakouts persist. Adult acne can be caused by many different things. It can be anything from diet, to hormones, to weather changes. And while there are many causes for adult acne, there are just as many treatments. Some work and some dont! So lets get into the Dos and the Donts of Acne!

DO: Drink a lot of water. If you dont get the proper hydration your body needs, your skin sitars to show signs of dehydration. This means dry and flakey skin. This makes the skin more prone to acne and wrinkles!

DON’T: Over wash your face. It is a myth that acne is caused by unclean skin. Acne happens when there is a disorder of the oil-producing glands in the face causing them to produce more oil then normal. When we over wash our face, it dries our skin out. The oil glands produce more oil in an attempt to correct the dry skin, making the problem even worse!

DO: Use probiotics! Probiotics help to balance the microflora on the skin. When the microflora on the skin is out of balance is when you are most prone to a breakout. Using products with probiotics on the skin can help reduce redness and sensitivity triggered by an imbalance as well as boost the kins ability to stay hydrated. The Clear Skin Probiotic Mask by Éminence is a completely organic mask perfect for sensitive skin types. It has cooling cucumber and yogurt making it a go-to for irritated skin. Éminence also makes a detoxifying Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer thats light and a great choice for acne prone skin and is infused with natural tea tree oil to help reduce inflammation.  

DON’T: Use abrasive products. Dont overdo it with harsh exfoliation and chemicals. Acne is an inflammation of the skin and harsh products can often irritate the skin and make the problem worse. Arnica is a great natural oil that helps to treat swelling and can be a wonderful and safe tool in helping painful and swollen acne. Rosehip is another skin loving oil that is great in treating acne. It is a great moisturizer and can help reduce scarring caused from acne. The Calm Skin Arnica Booster-Serum is an award winning serum by Éminence that contains both Arnica and Rosehip oil and is especially helpful for redness.

So next time you see the beginning of a breakout, dont stress! Just remember these helpful Dos and Donts and treat yourself to an Acne Facial at Dtox Day Spa.

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