The “Dtox”ifying Mud Facial

50 min.


  • Dtox Custom Facial
  • Detoxifying Mud & Charcoal Masque
  • Resurfacing Mud & Charcoal Polish


Detoxify your skin with the power of activated charcoal and purifying black mud. This facial has a intensive, mineral-rich treatment masque formulated with the power of Activated Charcoal and the added benefits of Black Mud to soothe the skin. The multitasking Black Mud facial polish, fortified with Activated Charcoal and natural micro grains, purifies, exfoliates, and improves the skin’s texture as it polishes away impurities. This facial will leave your skin smooth, supple and revitalized.

Organic MicroGreens Facial

50 min.


  • Custom Organic Facial
  • Stone Crop Cleansing Oil
  • Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzfoliant


Featuring our new Microgreens Detox-Renew -Infuse collection. Its all about those green crops. This facial will feature the Stone Crop Cleansing Oil and the Stonecrop Oxygenating Fizzfoliant. The Stone Crop Cleansing Oil is packed with Microgreens that will bring balance back to the skin and remove impurities while the Stone Crop Oxygen Fizzfoliant uses a refreshing fizzing action that delivers oxygen to the skin, stimulating its natural healing functions while stone crop brightens. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, detoxified with the power of potent Microgreens.

Spring is Back Massage

50 min.


  • Custom Massage
  • Jasmin and Vanilla Aromatherapy
  • Calming


This massage will give you a head to toe relaxation while individually being tailored to meet your body needs. We have incorporate a delightful blend of Jasmin and Vanilla aromatherapy oil to enhance your overall massage experience.

Peppermint Body Scrub

25 min.


  • Organic Salt Scrub
  • Peppermint Aromatherapy
  • Revitalizing


Rich sea salt is mixed with oils and massaged into the skin for a deep exfoliation. Sea salt trace minerals then repair and absorb into the skin, while the invigorating peppermint aromatherapy leaves you feeling refreshed and recharged.

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